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Bitcoin payment processor origins

The Bitcoin name also refers to the opensource program for using these coins as well as to the peer-to-peer network (peer to peer) that it forms. Bitcoin (BTC) was created to ensure investment protection and free business finance, without resorting to financial institutions and outside any constraints and regulations. Bitcoin (a binary information unit and coin: currency) is a decentralized electronic payment system and a opensource digital (cryptomon) opensource created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Asymmetric cryptography uses a pair of asymmetric keys (public and private). The term „asymmetric” comes from the use of different keys to perform two opposite functions (encryption and decryption), each being the reverse of the other. The Bitcoin system works on a peer-to-peer network and asymmetric cryptography. The transfer of funds between public accounts uses public cryptographic keys to confirm transactions and prevent double-spend.

The ability to perform business payments or offer blockchain payment solutions for companies is the real of few technology startups usually confined to the fintech space. There are multiple business models offering these services including currency conversion, investment and remittance between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin payment processor are hesitant to accept payments with blockchain based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin because of both market fluctuations and the risk related to fraud and money laundering. Still, it is possible to accept Bitcoin for products offered online and in points of sale and there are many companies that offer Bitcoin payment processing securely and that automatically convert the payment into the currency of your choice.

Due to its rapidly rising popularity, different Bitcoin payment gateways have been established to allow merchants accept online Bitcoin payments. Whether it's your paycheck, pension, or piggybank savings, money matters to us all. Indeed, with zero transaction fees and anonymous payments, both customers and merchants are adopting the use of Bitcoin very rapidly. So, rather than relying on banks with their fees, delays, and fraud risk we stand for money without limits. Bitocin payment processor consists of fulfilling your requirements without asking too much information, we are not interested in what you buy or transact, your payments are secure and lasts only a few minutes. That's why we support Bitcoin payments and Bitocin payment processors, a global digital currency that only you can control. Dubbed the currency of the Internet, Bitcoin is a fast growing mode of payment around the world.

The currently available technologies for blockchain payments solution that allow companies to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment for transactions and therefore expand payment options outside of traditional payments such as credit cards and wire transfers are various in the marketplace with some large scale companies and major banks already adopting the blockchain to resolve payments faster and cheaper.